We Believe the
Customer Comes First

Who We Are

Sage Solutions is a small business providing Information Technology and Management Support Services to government and private industries. We are passionate about leveraging technology to enable organizations in achieving their goals. We use technology in conjunction with our understanding of the key business drivers to provide solutions that deliver value in the areas you care about most.

With over 15 years of experience working with large organizations across multiple industries, our team has demonstrated expertise. We have successfully implemented a wide range of software packages, developed numerous custom applications, and provided leadership across many projects.

Industry Experience

  • Government
  • Education
  • Telecommunications
  • Media/Entertainment
  •  Not for profit
  • Consulting

Commitment to Service

At Sage, we believe in customer service. We treat our customers honestly and fairly and strive to provide the best customer service in the industry. With our custom applications, we continuously solicit feedback from our customers to seek opportunities for improvement. Our commitment to service is a core value.

Representative Experience

Budget / Payroll Projections

Developed custom budget application for a large federal agency.  Integrated financial and human resource information to deliver significant organizational efficiency.

Merger Integration

Led post-merger financial system integrations for a national entertainment company.  Centralized on a single platform for ERP functionality, contract payment processing, and customer billing.

Teacher Compliance

Developed custom application to manage teacher compliance.  Integrated teacher/course information with teacher certifications and course requirements to provide compliance tracking.

ERP / HRIS Implementations

Implemented ERP and HRIS solutions for organizations across multiple industries, including ERP and HRIS implementations for a national entertainment company.

Equity Management

Managed equity management platform migration.  Worked through data conversion issues, data reconciliation, expense recognition, and other items to a successful launch.

Custom Reporting

Developed a custom ASP.NET MVC application to handle various financial reporting needs.  Solution streamlined manual processes and expedited business processes dependent on reporting data.

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